My Life Flashing Before My Eyes

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And there before me was a door; a door of life and not death, a door of purpose and hope and not hopelessness, a door of being embraced by a love I never encountered before.

As I saw my car pulled off that embankment, I saw the hand of God lift me up through the door that was before me.

The beauty and elegance of life changed me into who I never knew before! As I looked, I saw the throne of God; the Father of all Fathers, the majestic one who called me, Who knew me before I was conceived, My Father as He said welcome Home my beloved daughter.

A warmth covered me and drew me into His presence erecting a new temple inside of me.

A temple of God that He would now reside in me with Jesus where we would be one. One with Jesus who is one with the Father that we would be in unity together in this one place that gives me free access to the Heavenly’s, access to my Daddy.

A rainbow of promises encircling the throne of my heart where God sits seeing Him tear down lies and restoring truth.

As I looked inward into my heart, I saw Heaven. As I went deeper, I saw God setting on the throne of my heart and the twenty four elders where enthroned around him with a brilliance of white calling forth my purity, calling forth my innocence to once again resound. Flashes of fire coming from the throne of God burning away the dross in my heart, singing away the wounds and sores to restore it to how it was created, where my heart was coming into beat with the heart beat of the Father.

Also before the throne I saw a sea of glass and the Father stepping down to ask me to let him teach me how to dance. As I learned balance and grace there was a weaving of wisdom growing in my strength, a strength from the Father, a touch of Heaven creating a tapestry of beauty and elegance in the mantel He placed on my shoulders. A tender kiss that lured me deep into His heart further and further. His eyes where piercing fire that would go deep into my soul and call forth life. His hands gentle and strong to hold his baby girl once again.

Radically Lanched