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Searching Out Dreams in Others

Yesterday I spotted this beautiful Lily. It had extremely vivid colors and looked as if it was lit from within by joy. As I looked at it more closely, I discovered that three of the petals appeared to be shaped in a way similar to that of an orchid and it made me think that...


Vision about the New Wine

One day during worship, I saw a wine glass with wine in it. (For me, this was extremely different since by the grace of God, I have not had a drink since the Lord delivered me from alcohol almost 18 years ago- alcohol simply is not a part of my life, so this vision was...


Are you a Professional Negotiator

Are you a Professional Negotiator? Do you find yourself saying to the Lord: “I will step out and share the gospel with each and every person I meet as soon as I finish… Or, as soon as I get this situation I’m dealing with settled… Or, once I retire… .” Are you a professional negotiator...


Reaching for Revival

While walking the other day I heard the Lord saying: “Get ready to move!” “Get ready to be transformed!” “I have broken apart the hard casings of your life in order to allow you to step free from the layers of shame and struggle that the world has put upon you. It is time to...


Early Morning Mustangs

What does Love look like? When you encounter someone who leaves you feeling unsettled or uncomfortable, intentionally choose to introduce Love into the experience.  Ask the Lord to see them through His eyes in order to look on them as Love does: through eyes of compassion, through eyes eager to search out the greatness within them,...


Looking for Jesus

The Lord gave me a wonderful revelation earlier this year. I heard someone who has an amazing ministry describing their approach when they go outside the walls of their ministry to do an “outreach”. What they said was they don’t look on it as Outreach, instead they look on it as going to seek out...


Today’s Manna and the New Wine

The other night I dreamed that I was at a train station, walking down the platform which was mostly cool white in color. As I walked, I noticed these large white blotches on the ground. They had been mostly cleaned up, but white stains had been left on the concrete where the items had been...


Imagine Jesus Here in 2018

Imagine Jesus here in December 2018 As Christmas approaches, I have been giving a lot of thought to how it might have been for Jesus when He left everything in heaven and came down to earth. I believe He held on to the memories of where He had been in heaven just as we as...


Let There be Light in the Darkness

Have you ever had a day where by the end of it you were so tired, hot and sticky that you almost felt you wanted to take your skin off just to feel clean again? Yesterday was an amazing day here in Zomba Malawi, filled with ministry and the making of new friends, but it...


You Are Treasured by Heaven

Did you know you are a treasure? Jesus tells us in the Bible that the kingdom of heaven is like a man who found a treasure in a field. The treasure was of such great value to the man that he went and he hid it and then he went home and sold everything that...

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