Vision about the New Wine

One day during worship, I saw a wine glass with wine in it.

(For me, this was extremely different since by the grace of God, I have not had a drink since the Lord delivered me from alcohol almost 18 years ago- alcohol simply is not a part of my life, so this vision was intriguing).

I heard the Lord asking me if I wanted to know the miracle of the New Wine? I said “Yes!” within my heart.

I saw a white platform begin to take shape within the center of the wine glass and Jesus was standing on it in the center of the glass.

The Lord told me that when we agree to drink the cup/our cup, we find that Jesus is right in the middle of it and instead of it being a “bitter cup”, it becomes the very best Blessing that we could ever hope for.

Our challenge is to let go of what we think we know and simply TRUST HIM! He knows far better than we do what we need and what is good for us at this moment in time!

Eternal Hope in Christ

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