Reaching for Revival

While walking the other day I heard the Lord saying:

“Get ready to move!”

“Get ready to be transformed!”

“I have broken apart the hard casings of your life in order to allow you to step free from the layers of shame and struggle that the world has put upon you. It is time to rise up and step into your destiny with me. It is time to be willing to enter in to that part of me that you have not yet known, that part of me which is calling you deeper ever still.”

“It is time to look upon me and allow your self to be transformed into a reflection of me with in this world. For I have overcome this world and because of what I have done, you too may overcome this world. Breakthrough is here, simply reach out for it and believe and invest your faith in my goodness for my goodness never changes! Allow yourself to become who you always wanted to be, free of the entanglements of this world and free to focus on me and the plan that I have for your life!”

“Get ready! The time is now!”

”The kingdom of God is within reach. Are you willing to walk away from all the disappointments of your past life and enter in to the greatest relationship you will ever have by placing your trust in me and allowing my Spirit to lead you into greater and greater revelations of my kingdom?”

Then the next day while I was walking, I saw a Caterpillar that was almost all the way across the street and then it turned and started moving along the street instead of finishing its journey into the safety of the grass. So I put my hand down and I gently scooted it over to the side of the road where there was some dried grass clippings. When I did this, I saw a wet spot appear on the road and then I saw it on the Caterpillar as it rolled into the grass. I thought, “Oh no! I have hurt the Caterpillar when I was just trying to help it.” 

As I pondered the situation, I realized that when we interact with others and cause them to question their worldview, it might be scary for them to change the framework upon which they experience the world. It might be unsettling. It might be a difficult adjustment for them. I also thought “well, even if the Catapillar was hurt during the encounter when I tried to help it, it was  better off than if I had simply left it to its own path.” If it continued to walk along the hot road, it would’ve eventually been overcome by the heat and the sun beating down on it, or it might even have become food for a bird. 

My point is: every time we reach out to somebody and our heart is in the right position, fully focused on God and what He wants to do in their life, it is well worth our interacting with them. Each and every time that we release the kingdom, His purposes on earth begin to be reflected, and the Bible tells us that His desire is for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven!

There is a lot of talk about the coming “Endtime” Harvest as well as the importance of entering in to the “rest” of the Lord. One of the dangers with the current emphasis on entering into the rest of God is that it can cause some people to slip into complacency. There’s a large school of thought about the sovereignty of God which the Spirit of Religion twists to cause people to believe that “well, if God wanted things that way, He’d make it happen.”

I believe there is an additional aspect to the “rest of God” which is that place of relationship where we confidently trust that He “turns all things together for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purposes” no matter what our circumstances look like.  I also believe that we should continuously be doing our best to reflect Him and reflect Him well. By that I mean we should always examine the standards within our lives and see where we’ve allowed complacency or worldly standards to come in and cause us to settle for less than what Jesus would aim us towards.

Jesus always causes people to reassess things. A great example of this is the way He said “if you are so much as angry at someone, you have as good as murdered them.” This world is continuously devolving, separating itself further and further from the kingdom standard that Jesus brought. As His representatives here on earth, we need to always set our sights on doing things as Father God would have us do, that His will would be made manifest on earth as it is in heaven.

The Lord specifically tells us that “the last shall come first.” I feel like revival is going to happen among the homeless and the drug addicts first – Jesus tells us that a good shepherd leaves his flock in search of the one that is still lost in order to show them His great love for them. Those who are well and healthy don’t have believe they have a direct need for Jesus, but He always shows up in search of the one who is lost.

The homeless and the drug addicts have nothing left to lose so they don’t really care what people think about them because most people unfortunately already have a jaundiced view of them. As soon as they know that Jesus is the one who brings freedom and life, they’re going to go after Him with everything they have because they understand that anything else offered by the world is simply a cheap counterfeit for what Jesus alone can bring. 

The homeless and the drug addicts, the lost, the last and the least are already well aware of the fact that they need help. They know they have no other answer. Whereas those who are sitting in Church waiting on God feel that they’ve already gotten their answer because they know God is God and they’re “already saved.” I believe that a lot of the “Endtime Harvest” leaders are going to come out of the ranks of those who have previously overcome homelessness, addiction, true sickness and sadness. They are the ones who know exactly what Jesus “saved them from“ and they are the ones who are going to be willing to crack their alabaster flasks at His feet as they worship Him in Spirit and Truth.

Please keep in mind that these are simply my musings…as always, the most important thing I could ask you to do would be to take these thoughts back to the Lord for yourself. Ask Him “Lord, what does this mean, and what must I do?” Find out what aspects of any of this He wants to shed light on for you.

Be Blessed!

Eternal Hope in Christ

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