Early Morning Mustangs

What does Love look like?

When you encounter someone who leaves you feeling unsettled or uncomfortable, intentionally choose to introduce Love into the experience.  Ask the Lord to see them through His eyes in order to look on them as Love does: through eyes of compassion, through eyes eager to search out the greatness within them, eyes filled to overflowing with pure Love. For true ministry begins within the overflow of the Love He has so lavishly poured out upon all His sons and daughters. Once we choose to actively receive the Love of the Father by receiving everything His Son, Jesus demonstrated and accomplished for each of us upon the Cross, then that Love overwhelms us and overflows our hearts and we can then minister to others who do not yet have the experiential revelation of His Love. His Love is something which needs to be experienced, not just taught about. Sometimes the longest distance truly is the distance from our brains within our heads to the reality of experience within the heart of our spirit. 

Friends  Along the Way

As we were traveling one day, we started discussing how as each one of us makes our choice to exit from the world, also known as Satan‘s domain, it seems that he tries one last ditch effort to derail us. Some people experience incredible sickness while others are plunged into the depths of depression and even question their own sanity yet God always sends along someone to help lead us through these valleys and keep us moving towards our new Destiination – His kingdom! These people can actually turn into our greatest friends, those who link arms with us and march alongside of us, helping us to continue following the Way set before us, the path walked by Jesus. These people can serve as those who will help us like steel sharpens steel, people who encourage us along the Way.

Sometimes these people are only in our lives for a short period of time, almost as if they’re demonstrating God’s special love for each one of us as He sends someone alongside of us specifically in our time of need. Once in a while it might even be an angel… You just never know because God is just that good and His angels are ministers who bring flames of fire into our lives to burn away things that don’t need to be there as we set out along our new path. His Word serves as a lamp unto our feet and as we immerse ourselves in His  Word and we plunge into the depths of Him, we find that: yes – life can be pretty turbulent in the shallow water as we’re trying to make our way into the depths of Christianity, but once we get into the depths we’re not as tossed about as we once were which may just be yet another reason why God calls us out into the depths of Himself because He knows this. It seems that as we’re in the shallow waters, making our transition from the dry places of the world and heading into the depths of the spirit, those shallow places serve to roll us around and knock off any rough edges. As one friend put it, we then can become those rounded stones that can be used by the Davids of the world to take out the Goliaths that stand firm and stuck in the world, threatening other people as they try to transition from the worldly lifestyle into lifestyle Christianity.

Once all those rough edges have been smoothed away, it’s almost as if you become unoffendable and that you no longer have any buttons that can be pushed, things to trigger you into that moment where you get offended or bitterness can grab ahold of you to establish a root within your life leading to an open door through which the enemy can continue to attack you legally. One of the greatest gifts of God is the way in which Jesus helps to guide us into that place of no longer being able to have our buttons pushed, that place where we are unoffendable and we no longer simply react as we’re tossed about by the waves life throws our way. Once we set our minds on Christ, we are no longer double-minded and tossed about like a man lost at sea, but we set our sights on a new destination and that destination is His kingdom, and we start to learn how to rule and reign and co-heir with Christ as we pull heaven down to where heaven is intersecting earth and His will is being made manifest on earth as it is in heaven. The reality of those words actually becomes our reality and we learned that we can release that reality wherever we set our feet because we are in Christ and He is in us and the atmosphere of heaven travels with us wherever we go so we have the ability to literally shift the atmosphere and re-claim territory for His kingdom as we walk in dominion,  re-establishing the authority of Christ wherever we are and undoing the works of satan as we bring the light of the world into each dark place where He sends us to go as guided by the Holy Spirit.

Eternal Hope in Christ

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