Today’s Manna and the New Wine

The other night I dreamed that I was at a train station, walking down the platform which was mostly cool white in color. As I walked, I noticed these large white blotches on the ground. They had been mostly cleaned up, but white stains had been left on the concrete where the items had been dropped. As I walked, I saw more and more white marks and then several blotches in the same area. Next I saw the remains of cakes that had been dropped – there were quite a few places with the remains of cakes just sitting there on the ground, partially consumed. I wondered if I could sample some of the cakes?

I finally came across a kiosk which had pictures of some of the different cakes along with some actual cake samples and what appeared to be written descriptions or instructions about the cakes. As I tried to read about the cakes, two prim and proper women came along and stood right next to the kiosk, actually blocking me from reading the information posted there. One lady was holding a cake in her right hand as she stood blocking the kiosk. I asked them to please move a bit so I could see what I was trying to look at. They completely ignored me. I ended up getting so annoyed that I loudly told them that they were being “so rude.” 

I finally went around the side of the kiosk and saw an angel food cake iced with fudge that had a small section already taken from it. I decided to sit down and sample it so I grabbed a knife and started cutting into the cake. As soon as I did, a whole bunch of people came along and sat down and started eating the cake. I asked someone to hand me a plate and by the time I got the plate, the chocolate icing was all gone and all the white foamy cake had disappeared and all I was left with was the very bottom of the cake which ended up being similar to a communion wafer. I quickly ate it and the dream ended. 

I believe the “new manna” that Father God has for us in this season is a mixture of Wedding Cake and Communion Wafer. I believe He intends for the Body of Christ to be strengthened as we really step into who He has called us to be in this hour. He is reiterating His desire for us to go out to the Highways and the Byways to invite people to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb (Luke 14:23). He is restating His desire that He “does not want any to perish (2 Peter 3:9)” and we are being reminded of our great responsibility as the Body of Christ to “preach the Good News to All Creation” (Mark 16:15).

I believe that this is the time for the Body of Christ to really seek out the new wine which God has prepared for His children through the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. As I was pondering the new wine and how to best ensure that my wine skin has the capacity to hold that new wine without bursting due to having an old wineskin (Mark 2:22), the Lord opened up a new revelation for me. 

I found myself thinking about the first miracle that Jesus performed… That moment when He turned the water into wine at the wedding at Cana (John 2:1-12).  In this miracle, Jesus used the six water purification pots and as the water was poured out of them, it was turned into wine. The number six refers to man and this caused me to think about the scripture in 2 Corinthians 4:7 which states that “we have this treasure in earthen vessels”. In this particular scripture, the Bible is reminding us that although we are earthen vessels, we have been given great treasure through everything that the Lord has done for us, and the Lord has also placed great treasures within us. 

The reference to us as “earthen vessels” got me to thinking – what if part of the Lord’s Plan involves using us as vessels to bring forth His new wine? What if just as Jesus’ first miracle was to bring forth wine from water in earthen vessels, his “final” miracle is to bring forth the new wine by using the Living Water that He has poured into us as His earthen vessels? What if as we allow Him to pour forth His new wine through our lives, others will be drawn to the wedding supper of the lamb? 

It is also interesting to note that during the miracle at the wedding at Cana the comment was made that the wine that was created through this miracle was more superb than any wine previously tasted. That sounds like a description of the new wine that the Lord is bringing forth for a time such as this. How amazing to have the opportunity to be poured out in a way that will draw others to the Lord!

Eternal Hope in Christ

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