Looking for Jesus

The Lord gave me a wonderful revelation earlier this year. I heard someone who has an amazing ministry describing their approach when they go outside the walls of their ministry to do an “outreach”. What they said was they don’t look on it as Outreach, instead they look on it as going to seek out Jesus.

When I heard this, it caused me to hear the Lord saying “that which you do for the least of these you do for me.” I realized that He is always in search of the lost, the last, and the least – He did not come for those who are already spiritually whole or those who think they have it all figured out (Pharisees or Saducees).

So, What if we re-calibrate our brains and instead of going out to look for homeless people or drug addicts, we go out in search of Jesus? Then when we are interacting with people out on the streets, we could actually just ask the Lord to help us breathe on what He has already placed inside of them. We could breathe on the little tiny ember of love that is slowly dying because of being stuck in the world without hope.

What if we then spoke life and life more abundant to that one spark of love remaining within their hearts, that signature from heaven which God left that’s just waiting for Jesus to be revived. What if we simply re-introduce them to the fact that God loves them; He has never stopped loving them. Their circumstances may not reflect His love, however the Cross is proof of His undying love for them.

What if we simply chose to honor and love them where they’re at and trust Him to do the rest? Let’s go and reach out to Jesus rather than just go on an outreach.

Eternal Hope in Christ

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