Let There be Light in the Darkness

Have you ever had a day where by the end of it you were so tired, hot and sticky that you almost felt you wanted to take your skin off just to feel clean again? Yesterday was an amazing day here in Zomba Malawi, filled with ministry and the making of new friends, but it was also an extremely hot day. As we rode back to Zomba in the car, I was so sticky that my hair just touching my face was bothering me. It felt like I had prickly heat all over. I think you get the picture. I almost didn’t even have the energy to get cleaned up, however, we’ve been learning that the way you survive in a super hot climate like Africa in their summertime is by bathing at the end of the day just to cool off enough so you can actually sleep. 

Before dinner was ready, our wonderful hostess let us know that there was warm water ready for us. I didn’t even have the energy to consider really taking a full bath, I just wanted to wash my face and tumble into bed and be done with it. We walked over to the outside bath house as it began to rain. When I discovered how wonderful the water felt – because it was at that perfect temperature – I thought “you know, getting cleaned up would actually feel pretty good.” 

While pondering the finer things of life, I spotted a rather large (2”) garden spider lurking in the corner by the door out. I made a deliberate choice to not share this new knowledge with Trina. I did not feel she was in a good place to practice out a whole new level of the “Girlie Girl Dance”. 

I put my hand on the wall to step past my bucket of hot water and into my shower stall and right as I did, the lights went out! I heard Trina say from the next room “seriously?!” I burst out laughing. Deep, unstoppable belly laughs!!! Part of my mind wondered, “did I somehow turn the lights off?” As I stood laughing in the dark with the rain pelting down on the tin roof, I heard an extra noise and was totally amazed as a lit flashlight suddenly came skidding along the floor. The light miraculously stopped right in front of our two shower stalls. Seriously! It was actually a flashlight inside a Ziploc bag to protect it from the water! Now that is the sign of an amazing hostess! She knew that we might have a bit of a problem in the dark and she stepped in to save the day! 

Rarely have I laughed as hard as I did before the flashlight arrived and after the flashlight came skidding into the middle of things. That’s the joy of the Lord! Being able to enjoy life no matter what it throws your way! Peace of knowing that no matter what, everything is gonna work out and the bonus is: we get to make friends along the way! May you have as full of a new year as you ever have and may you learn each day a little more about just how deeply the Lord loves you!!!

Eternal Hope in Christ

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