Imagine Jesus Here in 2018

Imagine Jesus here in December 2018

As Christmas approaches, I have been giving a lot of thought to how it might have been for Jesus when He left everything in heaven and came down to earth. I believe He held on to the memories of where He had been in heaven just as we as people hold on to memories of places we lived when we were much younger. While He walked as a teacher on earth, He had no place to lay His head. He also knew He was from a very different place than the place he was currently living. Jesus was a stranger in a strange land and He had a completely different way of seeing and understanding things. You see, He still had heaven’s standards to guide Him. He always looked to see what His father would have Him do in each and every circumstance; He never assumed He knew what to do. He was truly, deeply connected to the very heart of heaven no matter how far His apparent physical separation might have been from heaven. 

Imagine Jesus here today as Christmas approaches. Would He even be invited inside our Churches or homes to celebrate His own Birthday? Or is it just a large Gift Exchange which has become devoid of any spiritual significance for so much of the world – a Holy Day in name only where the real meaning of the celebration is no longer even allowed to be spoken of? We as a people have agreed to settle for a cheap counterfeit of Christmas where we focus on presents and shut out the divine presence which is what gives meaning to our lives. The presence of the Lord is what we have been searching for our entire lives, working our way through a plethora of counterfeit sensations which the world offers up so freely, whether it be a search for love through casual relationships or a search for significance through a position or a title or the numbing of our spiritual distress through self-medicating with alcohol or drugs. Regardless of our “drug of choice”, we will never be satisfied until we actually experience the Love of the Father which is so freely given through the Presence of Jesus in our lives. 

If we are really Christian and have been born again spiritually as well as have already stepped into eternity, what exactly are we afraid of? Why are we silent about Jesus and what He has done for us? How can we keep our hope to ourselves? When we allow ourselves to be silenced out of “respect for others” who do not yet know Jesus, we are in reality perpetuating the greatest deception ever whereby “Religious Freedom” allows for recognition of all faiths other than Christianity. “Religious Freedom” allows for discussion of all impotent faiths within which the concept of “god” or their “higher power” demands the death of the person to prove their allegiance to a silent and angry ruling entity. 

It is curious that other belief structures deny the very existence of Jesus and His role as the Savior of the World yet become incensed at the mere mention of the name of Jesus. If He never existed, why the fury at the mention of His name? How can such anger be generated against someone who never existed? True “Religious Freedom” includes informed discussions of all aspects of both Religion and the various Philosophies. It is a discussion which needs to happen so that God’s Sons and Daughters can make informed choices when acting on their free will as they make a choice as to where they will spend eternity. After all, eternity is a powerfully long time to spend in regret and if we do not share our testimonies how will anyone else overcome their particular challenges let alone overcoming the world and its pitfalls?

Eternal Hope in Christ

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