Empowering a Generation of Culture Changers

Radical Launch is about empowering others and we will periodically post videos of some amazing people being empowered by God!

This video is from a young man named John! John and his sibling endured horrific attacks at young ages and God is restoring them today. Since seeing his mother being brutally murdered by the tribe of his father and then her tribe retaliating to brutally murder his father only to escape to his uncles house where one of his siblings and uncle family was also murdered, John has seen amazing healings in his heart from the Father of all Fathers (Papa God).

John and his 6 siblings escaped the tribes running for their lives and making it to Dzeleka Refugee camp in Malawi on approximately an 7 year journey through Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania. John was 8 when he had to see horrific battles and landing in the arms of Jesus as he and his family made their way into the refugee camp! After coming to the camp his family faces even a greater tragic attack when his younger sister was attacked in a place that was suppose to be safe!

I met this amazing young man in July 2017 and seeing his servants heart and surrendered life to God changes my life for the greater! He is now studying at the African Bible School in Malawi and taking students from the school to the refugee camp for help with the needs of teaching English to the young people who can’t afford school! He has started a ministry called the Sowers and now currently in charge of an internship program to help with the villages of Nkhotakota where we minster also along lake Malawi. This amazing young man changed his studies from computers to community development to help others not to have to go through the life he has gone through!

Asking you to lift up John. This is just one of so many amazing people we have encountered on our journey and I want to celebrate him and others and to allow people to see what others are doing when they lay down and fully surrender their lives for Jesus!

This guy leaks Jesus!!

John from Malawi has an incredible Testimony of what God bring you through.

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