Jesus’ Heart for Others

After the outreach last night, my heart hurts for the way in which the body of Christ has so let down humanity. 

Our job as the body of Christ is to demonstrate love. We have been tasked to undo the works of evil that Satan perpetrates throughout the world. It’s time for us to rise and shine and truly be the light of the world. We need to be the salt that preserves others who are hanging on by a thread. 

We need to bring hope to the hopeless and we need to do whatever it is that we can to reach out to the ones have been so tragically hurt by our superior attitude when we have refused to welcome them into our houses of worship because we didn’t feel they were dressed properly where they fit in or we somehow consider them inferior to us. Shame on us! 

If Jesus didn’t come to judge think of how little right we have to judge anyone. Any judgement where we are foolishly thinking we are better than someone else simply because of their apparent circumstances is based in pride and that is what got Lucifer kicked out of Heaven. 

The thing that we seem to forget is that all sin is equal in Father God’s eyes – there is no hierarchy. Anytime we place anything above God in our affections we are actually worshipping it and that is just as much of a sin as anything else that excludes God from our lives. When we cut God out of our daily lives, imagine how that makes His heart sad yet we actually are short changing ourselves because we can only grow to be more like Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit when we choose to spend time with them and listen to them and be obedient by surrendering our lives to the very one who paid the penalty for every single wrong choice we ever made and then chose to call us friend! 

We really need to search our hearts and ask Father God if there are any things in our lives that we need to lay down so that our lives can be open to receiving what it is that He has for us and we can be available to do what it is He has already created for us to do, for the Bible says that He has created good works for us to walk in. That’s a set up if I ever heard of one! How amazing – God has actually created good things for us to participate in and then He gives us the credit as if it was something we did, rather than something He created for us to benefit from partnering with Him on. 

I really feel like it’s time for us to take a good long look at the way we are treating the rest of humanity and then take a look at how Jesus treated people and begin to truly follow Him. We need to start only doing what we see our Lord Jesus do, only say what we hear Him saying, and learn how to truly walk in love day in and day out. We need to learn how to become Love just like Jesus did for us. 

Eternal Hope in Christ

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