Holding the Pen

Holding the Pen with Him

Some days I like to spend my time in worship by holding the pen and just listening to hear what the Holy Spirit wants to write. Once we have a reborn spirit and have been baptized with the Holy Spirit, each and every one of us can practice our ability to hear the Father‘s heart. We can also patiently wait to hear what Jesus wants to share with us and actively listen to learn how the Holy Spirit wants to direct us in our daily walk. The Bible tells us that “His sheep know His voice” (John 10:27).

This morning I heard:

“So very many people in the world today and they have such great value in the Father’s eyes.”

I realized that even if I cannot always see my value to Him because I know the trueness of my heart, I can see how He values others. They are all dear to Him and He longs to spend time with each one, growing closer to them every day. The world does so very much to get between us and God – so much to distract and so much to hurt, all designed to prevent our closeness to God, all designed to encourage doubt in His very existence.

God loves and trusts man so much that He gave man authority to walk in Dominion in the world. Jesus echoed this when He gave us all authority in His name to fulfill His tasking of us:

  • To share the Good News
  • To heal the broken-hearted 
  • To set the captives free
  • To be a blessing to those without hope
  • To reflect Him and be light in a dark world

As people, we are resilient whether we know it or not. We are able to shift from one extreme to another. For example consider the change in a person who goes from being completely immersed in the world, a “hellion” so to speak, to someone profoundly affected by an encounter with Jesus, a “Jesus freak” so to speak. Father God has made us with a great capacity to be transformed as we change the way we think. Let’s listen to what He has to say so that we can learn to think His thoughts.

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