Faith Speaks

Holding the Pen with Him

Faith Speaks

Are You Treasured by Heaven

Let There be Light in the Darkness

Imagine Jesus in 2018

Kenya 2018

Looking for Jesus

Early Morning Musings

Reaching for Revival

Are you a Professional Negotiator

Searching Out Dreams in Others

How Far Will We Go?

Apprehending Doubt

Visions about the New Wine

Our Glorious God

Home is Where the Heart Is

Even Dogs Need Bread

The Master Gardener

Recognizing our Own Plank

Watchmen Arise

Denying Jesus

Encouragement from the Heart of the Father

Are You Willing to be Sprinkled

The Lord is Pouring Out

Recalibrating the Way We See Life

Refusing to Receive Anything Less than Jesus’ Best

Take Time Today

The Climate is Shifting

The Truth about Forgiveness

Wrapping up Ilhabella

All of Heaven Celebrates

Be Ready…Always

Welcoming Others to the Kingdom

Making Friends a the University

The Wisdom of the Harvest

Letter to the Leaders

Kingdom Harvests

Kingdom Hopes and Dreams

Hide and Seek with the Lord

Time for the Bride to Arise

Walking on Water

Watchmen on the Wall

Cultivating an Ear to Hear

To Know and Be Known

Jesus Came to be Judgement and Righteousness

Hold the Pen with Him

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